Prints and Services

    Prints on Photo Paper

    Only the highest quality printers and photo paper are used at Foto Hollywood to ensure that the quality of your prints is never compromised. We use KODAK Premiere Glossy Paper and KODAK Premiere Matte Paper in sizes ranging from the standard 3.5 inches to as large as 24.5x100 inches making it possible for you to print anything from family albums to large-scale panaromas on your chosen paper type using the best of silver halide technology.

    For those looking for extra sheen, detail and clarity of colour, we provide the option of printing images as large as 12x100 inches using KODAK Premiere Metallic Paper.

    The quality of high-definition images printed the metallic paper is unparalleled. We are the only photo services center in Nepal to deliver such high-quality, uncompromising prints. Customers can also choose to get large-sized photo paper prints printed on their choice of HP Glossy, Matte, Satin or Pearl Paper. The sizes of these prints can be modified to 36, 42, 48 or 60 inches in breadth as per the customer’s demand. The richness of detail in these high-quality inkjet prints matches that of those printed using the more traditional silver halide technology.

    At Foto Hollywood, we not just talk about the latest developments in printing technology but bring them to practical use.

    Prints and Services

    Fine Art Paper

    Customers can choose to print any image of their liking on a range of fine art papers. These include Hahnemuhle Paper, French Cartridge Paper and Lokta Paper. We can also print high-quality images on any other type of paper, keeping the customer’s wishes in mind. A color-managed digital workflow ensures that all our prints are superior-quality products that look exactly like the images on your computer. Images of thangkas, paintings and other works of fine art are printed true to the original work both in terms of the clarity and evenness of lines and the tone and richness of colours.

    While the final print size for French Cartridge Paper is fixed at 22x31 inches, prints on Hahnemuhle Paper can range from 24, 36 and 44 inches in width to accommodate any length as per customer demand. Prints on Lokta Paper can be made in 20x30 m and 24x36 m sizes.


    Damaged, distorted or time-weathered photos can be retouched to perfection at Foto Hollywood.
    Our range of retouches services is available for digital as well as film photographers.

    Holiday Cards and

    A large and varied selection of holiday cards, calendars and other festive images are available at Foto Hollywood. We make sure to update our holiday images section regularly to ensure that our customers can find what they are looking for each festive season.

    Speciality & Gift Items

    Specialty items and mementos have become the perfect way to remember an occasion or organization, or mark an important day by in our time. We offer high-quality and customizable prints on a range of items and surfaces including coffee mugs, water bottles, badges and other items of everyday use. Our focus on quality print and ink means the images on the specialty items and gifts customized at Foto Hollywood last as long as the products they’re printed upon.

    Wall Displays

    Canvas Prints

    Canvas Prints can be made from prints on Professional Canvas bonded onto museum-quality or Giclée Fine Art Canvas Prints printed directly onto the canvas material. The resulting prints can then be stretched and stapled onto a wood artists stretcher bar frame, mounted on gator boards, or delivered loose (unmounted).

    Sizes can range from 24, 36, 42, 48 to 60 inches in width while the length is decided as per customer demand.


    Get creative with your wall displays, and change them up as often as you like!

    intensiTiles™ are a great way to get creative with wall displays. You can paly with one display as many times as you want as intensiTiles™ offer you the unique option of swapping tiles that float above a set background. The result is a highly flexible, interesting and intriguing piece of three-dimensional art that can be customized at any time.

    Prints are made on your choice of Lustre, Glossy, or Metallic Photo Paper, then mounted on a 1/4" black board with mounting blocks on the backs of each mounted print. Glossy or Lustre Coating or Glossy or Satin Plastic Laminate can be added to protect the surface of these prints. Our special hanging system makes it easy for anyone to swap the top tiles with the bottom ones as times change or children grow.


    Collage Wall

    What you see is what you get with Foto Hollywood’s CollageWall®. Supported by a grid of push-in pegs, our CollageWall® pictures hang aligned and stay level on your walls to beautify them immediately. Installation is fast and foolproof with the included template, and customers can add, remove and rearrange pictures in seconds. These displays use individual images on each panel to form a complete picture. They’re a great way to spice up your interiors.

    Frammed & Matted Prints

    We offer a variety of options for our customers to make their own custom framed prints.

    Books and Album

    Photographic Albums

    We can work with customers to design custom photo albums dedicated to events such as weddings and other celebrations to ensure that your memories of special occasions are captured and presented beautifully. Customers can also submit their own designs to make the process more personal and memorable.


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