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    When a team of professionals with multiple decades of experience between them got together and established Foto Hollywood in 2007, they were looking to provide world-class photo printing services right here in Nepal. And that is exactly what Foto Hollywood, the country’s largest photo services facility, has been doing ever since.

    Only the most advanced machines are in service at Foto Hollywood to ensure the prints that are delivered to you look exactly like the images viewed on your monitors. A professionally motivated team is aided by a photo spectrometer to ensure that a color- managed digital workflow is established. There is no room for human error and guesswork here, which means that print after print is consistent in color and quality. What you see in your digital pictures is exactly what you get in your final prints when you entrust the printing process in our hands.

    Today, the name Foto Hollywood is synonymous to accuracy, prompt response and timely delivery. Always in pursuit of the very best, Foto Hollywood continues to introduce the most cutting-edge of machines to deliver services that match the highest-quality international standards in Nepal. With the addition of each new piece of equipment, the services provided by us become all the more diverse and innovative. It is possible now to print on surfaces up to four inches thick at Foto Hollywood. Great detail and accuracy can also be achieved in prints made on rigid surfaces such as glass, metal, wood, leather, and laminate and forex boards. Your printing options are really ‘only limited by the imagination’ when you choose to work with us, and you really can ‘experience the difference’ in the end results.

    With Foto Hollywood, customization and branding have become possibilities in Nepal. It is no longer necessary to invest huge sums to place customization and branding orders to companies abroad. Be it by customizing a restaurant with unique custom-printed tables, mats, coasters, glass partitions, walls and furniture upholstery, or by branding a corporate office with its authorized logos and slogans printed visibly on all surfaces, Foto Hollywood can help you stand apart in style, in a class of your own.

    We are committed to making sure that every product that comes of Foto Hollywood is amongst the very best. We make it a point cater to all our customers’ needs and promise to deliver complete satisfaction.

    All of our state-of-the-art machines are installed at our office in Kamaladi. Please visit our building for detailed enquiries.

    Thank you for visiting.


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